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The Philippine Journal of Allied Health Sciences

The Philippine Journal of Allied Health Sciences (PJAHS) is the Official Publication of the University of Santo Tomas – College of Rehabilitation Sciences and is published semi annually. Its mission is to produce quality allied health science clinical practice that will enhance performance, promote wellness in the prevention of diseases and improve function among healthy and physically challenged individuals.

The Philippine Journal of Allied Health Sciences is an online Open Access peer-reviewed scholarly journal which encourages authors to publish original scholarly articles in the fields of physical therapy, occupational therapy, sports science, speech-language pathology, nursing, psychology, biomedical engineering, pharmacy, nutrition, education and other allied health sciences. PJAHS will consider submissions on the following topics: human biomechanics, exercise physiology, physical activity in pediatrics and geriatrics, ergonomics, physiologic profiling of athletes, sports injury monitoring and clinical practice patterns in the allied health sciences. PJAHS publishes original research, systematic reviews and meta-synthesis, short reports, and letters to the editor.

Each article submitted is accepted with the understanding and commitment that it is to be published exclusively in the Philippine Journal of Allied Health Sciences, unless specific arrangements are made with the editorial board of the journal after submission of the article.