Volume 1, Issue 1, 2006

Article 1 | Research Report – Effect of Taping on Pain and Range of Motion of Athletes with Shoulder Impingement Syndrome: A Pilot Study

Ventura MG, MPhty (Sports Phty), Chua CDM, Espiritu JE, Gonzalez, MB, Lopez SMO

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of a taping technique on pain and ROM of shoulder on athletes with impingement syndrome.

Article 2 | Research Report – Performance of Community Living Filipino Adults Aged 21-87 Years on the Functional Reach Test

Magtoto LS, PTRP, MA, MSPT; Abalos EG; Barraca A; Castillo J; Lumbrera I; Porciuncula F

The Functional Reach test (FR) is used to detect balance impairment and change in balance performance over time.

Article 3 | Research Report – Incidence of Chronic Lower Extremity Musculoskeletal Injuries Among Badminton Players Participating in UAAP

Guilas AA, PTRP, Lagman RAZ, PTRP, Go JD, PTRP, Liao LAS, PTRP, Mamaril GP, PTRP, Rueca JRQ, PTRP, Tapire KM, PTRP

To determine the common types and sites of lower extremity injury in badminton varsity players in the UAAP and to determine the effects of playing surface and shoe type in relation to injuries of the lower extremity in this population.

Article 4 | Research Report – Anthropometric Measurements of Public Elementary School Students in District of Manila

Lipardo DS, PTRP, MSPT; Espaldon, MJH ; Javier, ALV ; Lopez, PNL; Ng Tsai AC; Yruma, MEM

Musculoskeletal discomfort and low back pain could arise from the mismatch between the school furniture and the body dimensions of the children.

Article 5 | Research Report – Validity and Reliability of Selected Outcome Measures Used in Rehabilitation for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Literature Review

Warren KJC, MHlthSc, PTRP; Chua CDM, PTRP; Tagala AA, PTRP; Cadiz BO, PTRP; Maglanque NP II

The aim of this study is to conduct a literature review of available evidence on selected outcome measures commonly used during rehabilitation following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair (ACL-R) with emphasis on their validity and reliability.

Article 6 | Feature – Writing to Publish – Issue for Consideration

Dr. Saravana Kumar and Dr. Karen Grimmer-Somers Centre for Allied Health Evidence University of South Australia

Given the increasing focus of Evidence Based Practice in health care, research publications provide an important avenue in accessing best research evidence from the literature.

Article 7 | Editorial


It was in the year 2001 when the Master of Science in Physical Therapy program was offered by the University of Santo Tomas Graduate School, in collaboration with the University of South Australia, through the efforts of Dr. Consuelo Suarez, Dean of the College of Rehabilitation Sciences (AY 1996-2006).

Article 8 | Commentary – Improvements in Maximal Oxygen Consumption Among Elderly Tai Chi Chuan Practitioners

Dizon JMR, MSPT, PTRP; Briones MC; Cundangan MC; De Leon J; Lagman E; Precilla L; Pua JH; Racela AMR

This study was undertaken to provide information about the therapeutic effects of Tai Chi Chuan in improving the maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) of the elderly.

Article 9 | Commentary – Prevalence of Low Back Pain Among Jeepney Drivers in Metro Manila: A Descriptive Study

Atlas AP, MSPT, PTRP; David JAZ; Erese RR; Alejandrino PMB; de Claro MC; Agawa RA

Jeepney drivers assume the sitting position for prolonged periods of time because of the requirements of their occupation, which could lead to musculoskeletal impairments specifically low back pain (LBP).

Article 10 | Commentary – Gluteal Taping on Running Performance of Health , Young Adults: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study

Cerdenia JT, Ang A, Asuque JD, Bucasas PA, Datinguinoo L, De Belen JJ, Eugenio EC, Maralit SM

To determine the effect of gluteal taping on gluteal muscle activity, running speed and stride length.

Article 11 | Commentary – Kinematic of Bowling a Comparative Study Between Beginner and Advanced Bowler

Cerdenia JCT, PTRP, MHlthSc; Aldea BY, Alcantara Jr. RP; Lacson EMC; Magday EA; Pimentel ICC

The study aims to describe and compare the kinematics between beginner and advanced bowlers, and male and female bowlers.

Article 12 | Commentary – Prevalence of Back Pain Among Adolecents in the City of Manila and its Association to Backpack Use

Peralta CR, Villamor TL, Mendoza MP, Tolentino EA, Valmonte CM

To determine the prevalence of back pain among adolescent students in the city of Manila, the viability of the contributing factors to adolescent back pain, and the association of back pain to backpack use.

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