Volume 2, Issue 2, 2008

Article 1 | Work-related musculoskeletal disorders of physical therapists in UST-CRS affiliated centers

Rachel Ann Z. Lagman, MSPT, PTRP, RPT; Donald S. Lipardo, MSPT, PTRP, RPT; Christopher Ginno L. Basilla, PTRP; Joan Michelle U. Larracas, PTRP; Guillermo Victorino T. Liabres, PTRP; Merwen Mitchel Q. Musni, PTRP

To determine the 12-month prevalence of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD) among professional physical therapists (PTs) working in UST-CRS affiliated centers, their severity, associated factors and the PT’s responses to injury.

Article 2 | Anthropometric measurements and performance profile of the 70th UAAP season athletes of the University of Santo Tomas

Josephine Joy Reyes, MPE


Determine the anthropometric measurements and performance profile of the collegiate and junior athletes of the University of Santo Tomas who participated in the 70th UAAP season.

Article 3 | Injuries of University of Santo Tomas college teams during the UAAP season 70

Valentin C. Dones III, MSPT, PTRP

Sport is an activity governed by sets of rules and customs usually played competitively. Winning or losing from this activity is determined by the physical capabilities of the athletes.

Article 4 | Physical activity level using pedometry of Filipino pre-adolescents

Rachel Ann Z. Lagman, MSPT, PTRP, RPT; Donald S. Lipardo,

An active lifestyle among children and adolescents plays an important role in the normal growth and development. However, studies from different countries have shown a decreasing participation of children in physical activity.

Article 5 | Anthropometric profile of elite Filipino fencers

Leny Reyes-Otadoy

This study established baseline kinanthropometric data for Filipino elite fencers. Since there are few anthropometric data on elite fencers, the data will fill the paucity of information in our database.

Article 6 | The Changing Landscape of Health Research in the Philippines

Jaime C. Montoya, MD, MSc Executive Director, PCHRD-DOST Professor, UP College of Medicine

The Philippine health scene today is beset with problems. This is the reality that has not been acknowledged for a long time now.

Article 7 | Getting evidence into policy and practice: Perspective of a health research funder1

Ian D Graham and Jacqueline M Tetroe

“We have in hand most of the information we need to facilitate a new golden age of medicine. And what we don’t have in hand we can get fairly readily by wise investment in targeted research and intervention.”

Article 8 | Editorial


Good day to our readers. On behalf of the editorial staff of the Philippine Journal of Allied Health Sciences, I would like to apologize for the delayed issue of the journal.

Article 9 | Cardiovascular endurance levels of Asian Games 2006 bound Filipino elite athletes

Janine Margarita R. Dizon, MSPT, PTRP; Remelou G. Alfelor; Reil Vinard S. Espino: Mary Jane C. Lopez; Albrecht Sygui

To assess the endurance levels of Filipino Asian bound athletes (road cyclists, boxers, Olympic rowers and long distance runners) in terms of maximal oxygen uptake, heart rate max and blood lactate response.

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