Article 1Understanding clinical information in terms of quality of improvement
    Dr. Saravana Kumar and Dr. Karen Grimmer-Somers Centre for Allied Health Evidence University of South Australia

    Health data come from a variety of sources: administrative records, research studies, data synthesized into systematic reviews, clinical guidelines, quality improvement activities, observations on patients, data extracted from clinical records, etc.

    Article 2Is prolonged stretching effective in the treatment of contracture in spinal cord injury patients: A randomized controlled trial
    Chan JPG; Ronquillo JR; Manlosa MS; Gaba MCC; and Reyes MD

    Stretching is commonly used in treating and preventing contractures. In this assessorblinded randomized controlled clinical trial, the authors aim to determine if one hour of stretching applied in regular short bouts throughout the day is effective in increasing ankle dorsiflexion range in spinal cord injury patients

    Article 3A comparative analysis of the cognitive functioning of community dwelling and institution based well elderly in Manila
    Guerrerro JR; Aguirre JM; Carpio AD; Dalupang RG; Nicolas LA

    The Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) is the most widely used instrument for quantitative assessment of cognitive function. This study tested the face validity, internal consistency, test-retest reliability and sensitivity of a Filipino translation of the MMSE (F-MMSE).

    Article 4Functional mobility and risk for falls of community dwelling elderly Filipinos in Marikina city
    Mallillin TR; Delas Llagas CD; Garcia CA; Liquete NG; Que-Sanchez PRC; and Villamor AB

    Balance and stability are important factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The purpose of this study is to determine balance and gait scores, areas of deficiencies, and risk for falls of communitydwelling elderly Filipinos.

    Article 5Prevalence of upper extremity musculoskeletal injuries among recreational badminton players
    Dizon JMR; Dayao R; Elazegui C; Estrubo C; Sanchez C; and Uhuad C

    This study aims to investigate the prevalence of upper extremity musculoskeletal injuries among recreational badminton players and to identify factors associated with the presence of injuries. Methods: This is an analytic cross-sectional study.

    Article 6Injuries of University of Santo Tomas college teams during the University Athletics Association of the Philippines Season 69
    Atlas AP; Dones VC III; Lizarondo LM; and Mallillin TR

    Sports have been recognized as a favorite activity among Filipinos. With increased participation in sports and physical activity, the potential for an increase in the number of injuries is very likely.

    Article 7A pilot study on grip strength among Filipino men and women aged 20-44 in Metro Manila
    Morato PGG; Capsa JA; Umali AP; Cuaterno DR; Solis J; and Callanta RA

    This study is aimed to establish grip strength values among Filipino subjects. The comparison of grip strength among age groups and the differences in the values between dominant and non-dominant hand and among work categories were also examined.

    Article 8A study on internal consistency, response set bias, and construct validity of the Modified Oswestry Disability Questionnaire in assessing patients with low back syndrome in Metro Manila
    Dones VC III; King Kay CBO; Calvo GG; Maquilan DC; Fernando EVM; and Cruz MIL

    A cross sectional study was undertaken to investigate the internal consistency, response set bias and construct validity of the Modified Oswestry Disability Questionnaire (MODQ) in patients with low back syndrome in Metro Manila.

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